FOC Marathon Starts Friday, February 3, 2012

A reminder that the FOC Marathon begins this Friday at 2100 GMT.
Below is an important message from Dennis, F5VHY, which was sent to the FOC reflector a few days ago.  I’m repeating it here because this email blast will be received by all 467 members who’ve provided us with email addresses, rather than just the 200 or so who subscribe to the reflector.
I hope to meet you on the air this weekend.
Ed, KR3E

As usual, the Marathon will find itself competing with DXpedition activity on the bands. This has the potential for generating a lot of unfavourable comment for FOC. Much of this will be spur of the moment comment on the Cluster – but will reflect badly on the Club.

Whatever your views on what seems, these days, to be a significant proportion of people whose only interest in amateur radio is filling in every DXCC band slot on every mode, they do have the same right as us to pursue their hobby as they see fit.

So please try to stay aware of DXpedition activity taking place on the same band on which you are operating and avoid the frequencies covered by their operations and by their pile-ups. This year, there is an exceptional amount of major activity.

VP6T – scheduled to finish 4th

HK0NA ZK2C – scheduled to begin 3rd

TO4M/Mayotte – scheduled to finish 5th HU2DX

In addition, there are any number of minor expeditions that are likely to turn up. See for the full list.

Inevitably, much of the activity ends up around ’025. So when the pile-ups are about, it might be a good idea to find spots below ’020 or above ’040 – yes, I don’t need reminding that VK0TH is often on 14015 or 14041 – I still need him for a new one from France!

Hopefully, with a good dose of tolerance, we can all have an enjoyable Marathon without upsetting too many other people.

161 de Dennis – F5VHY.